Monster Notebook

Domestic laptop manufacturer Monster Notebook did not remain silent to the request of its young customer. He bought a MacBook for his user, who stated that he needed to develop software from a computer with the MacOS operating system. The young software developer recently shared that he received the device today.

Monster Notebook did not break the young user’s request
Monster Notebook did not reject the request of its user who reached via LinkedIn. The young user, who stated that he had been using Monster Notebook for many years and said that he needed a Mac device to develop iOS software, was entitled to buy a MacBook from Monster.

Enes Bıyyık said that he needed a Mac computer even though he tried ways to install macOS on a Windows computer, and that he had to borrow a Mac from his friends or spend the morning together. He stated that he needed macOS for his own project to go further.

Monster Notebook came to the aid of Bıyyık, who managed to attract great attention in a short time with his sharing. In the post shared by Bıyyik on LinkedIn, “Dear Enes, we ordered the test computer for you. You just keep producing. Monster Notebook is always with you”.

The young developer, who did not remain silent against this move of Monster, did not neglect to thank the company. “I really appreciate your support. Such support from such a family made me very happy and motivated me to work even more.”

This move of Monster, which produces Windows-based laptops, managed to receive applause on social media. The local company said that it will continue to support young software developers with both Mac and Windows computers.